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Date: June 20th 2012

Lexington Wednesday with Amy.
Nashville Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Amy and Heather.
Ft Wayne daily next week with Teri.
Nashville or Clarksville available daily be4ginning next week with Heather.
Brittany and Chelsea in to tour next week, TN KY WV, maybe OH & IN but you cheap bastards
shouldn't hold your breath.(laugh girls n boysm because they sure at you)
Another new UPSCALE (10) Nashville & Bowling Green blonde, PERFECT, for
weekends only so far. I haven;t decided yet about what kind of scheduled days for her.
Alyssa starts in the Louisville, Cincinnatim Indianpolis area in July.
(small appointment guys may have to miss out.)
Cory back in July for some tours.
Ariel touring to KY and Nashville in 2 weeks and will Every 2 weeks now
yjay Summer has arrived.
New BUSTY Alabama girl begins soon.
Lindsey and Amy will be working in the Panama City Beach area daily in July.
Lindsey should be up for her next tour in August.
Paige back in August.
Cody back in September.
Victoria in Memphis for second week of July and nearly booked solid
for 12 days. No surprise.

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