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Date: June 15th 2012

5'1, 106lb new girl Amy on tour in Lexington for a bit! She'll tour once a month and that includes Alabama gents. Another BUSTY new Alabama lady begins there in July. Speaking of July watch a HUGE number of new girls explode Onto the scene with us in July including spectacular 19 year old heartbreaker Alyssa in Louisville, Cincinnati & Indianapolis.

Teri in either Fort Wayne OR available to South Bend-permanently.

New 18 year old ATL girl Brittany coming on tour next week to TN KY WV and will tour to tyN & KY every month.

Nashville area will have 5 or more OLDER gals every day for a change. Spectacular Natasha, new comer Heather (busty freak! Shoosh), Michelle & I'm CONSIDERING hiring an even older 40 year old former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. We'll see how goddamn nuerotic she turns out to be before I'm willing to give her a chance.......

Southern Indiana & Southern Illinois: been working hard on your behalves.....and I've brought in help! Helping a buddy get his Agency up to help cover those areas, bring some strange in, raise the standards & get it more consistent.

Western KY starting to pick up for us since they're sick of being ripped off by backpage con artists. Could've had OUR people all along.....we DO "Stop Overs" ya know.

Cory finally back on her feet! Comes "back home" in July too!

Victoria is BOOKED solid in Memphis & Nashville with overnights (exclusively). If you want on the overnight (only) request list give me a call.

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