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Date: April 17th 2012

Quickly: WV canceled-catch us next week with HOT new girl Lindsey!

Teri in Indy today, Louisville Wednesday, Lexington Wednesday eve, Mashville Thursday & friday, Lexington Saturday, Anderson Sunday.

Fellas! LOTS of Beautiful new young girls at Fantasys starting this month!

First: 18 year old *Lindsey will be touring up here once a month for 2 weeks-permanently. Tall & VERY SEXY! Temporary pics go up tonight. I cannot say enough about her. Awesome. She begins this Sunday april 22nd & Monday in Lexington, Tuesday 24th in Hurricane WV. Wednesday in Louisville, Nashville Thursday & Friday. A "keeper"!

New in S.Indiana, * Nicole starts soon & covering Indianapolis & Louisville. 24 years old, 5'3, blonde & looks about 19. She's a "keeper".

OMG! * Natasha! NEW in Clarksville TN/covering Nashville/Paducah & Metropolis. GORGEOUS blue eyed blonde (sorta)! A 10 on a 1-10 scale for beauty. No shit. LOVE those smoldering dark blue eyes. WOW factor of 10. No shit. A 10 Personality. A 10 on sexy. Funny too. Has an old time voluptuos figure but Not Fat. Big fat lips, big hooters, perfect butt, goddamn face could stop a bullet in its tracks. Get the picture?! She starts in May. I'm giving her 3 more weeks to get a perfect flat tummy-you know how I am about the hourglass figures guys......I am a gestapo about their tummies lol! I'm going to put a LOT of work into promoting this one so you 1 hour guys better see her pretty quickly because once I begin I'm sure you know how it works...like Kim & Kate...they get "spoiled", err, popular I meant and the 1 hours aren't very attractive to them for long...temporary pics go up tonight. I'd date this one & keep her for myself if she didn't live so far from me!

New girl in the Gallatin area. No promises fellas & I cannot always provide complimentary incalls for an hour appointment in all areas with those ChoiceEscorts girls so you may need to request an hour and a half appt if you need accomodations in the areas that they cover...as I've said, its an an EXPERIMENT with the low price market-like my ChoiceEscorts.(net) agency & I do NOT get excited about that shit.......

Speaking of, I do have 2 new Tier 3 girls for ChoiceEscorts in the Knoxville area. Like I said, I do NOT get excited about those. These are both very very pretty black girls & have nice bodies, but one is dumber than a box of fucking rocks (but genuinely sweet) and the other is covered with goddamn tattoos. Perfect tits & a dynamite face-but those goddamn tattoos are everywhere. Why is she here? 2 reasons. Another experiment & its kind of a package deal....I need a driver for the sweet dumb one in other words & the Knoxville area really cannot support our social standards.....Knoxville is poor. Like Ohio but full of nice folks-unlike ohio.

Some FYI demographic info that you may find interesting: Ohio. I hate that goddamn place. I delete 99.5% of the job applicants from there IMMEDIATELY. Does that tell you something about Ohio? It should. It's chock full of low class MORONS! Those broads are idiots exceeded only by Philadelphia.....

Georgia. I like Georgia. But hate Atlanta-except for the EATERIES! Yum. I delete 90% of the job applicants from there Immediately also....it has VERY LOW standards.

Alabama. I like Alabama &
the job applicants from there. A lot. They're just not very worldly. The client base for that State is accustomed to the lackadaisal attitudes & unfortunately it effects us hiring/working there as a result. Nice folks, just not very worldly so rather than waste another year re-educating them I've put it on the back burner & relegating it to VIP requests.


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